Gettsyburg, PA

Sunday-Monday, October 25-26, 2020
One Night Lodging, Three Meals
Gettysburg Heritage Center
Paranormal Author presentation (Homestead Orphanage
Dinner at Dobbin House(Included
Seton Shrine (Back from Dead Cemetery Walk)
Hollabaugh Brothers Fruit Farm & Market
Lunch Hickory Bridge Farm(Included)
Seminary Ridge Museum
Farnsworth House Mourning Theater (Tour of the cellar)

Gettysburg Heritage Center - Touring the Gettysburg Heritage Center Museum, guests will witness the Battle of Gettysburg from two unique perspectives - the civilians who lived in the town of Gettysburg, and the soldiers on the battlefield.  Take a step back in time to see the reality of war, and hear the stories of the people who called Gettysburg home.  This story is told through 3-D photographs and programs, artifacts, interactive displays, and story boards. The second part of the tour is a 20-minute movie presentation that offers a great orientation to the Battle of Gettysburg.  The award-winning movie, “Gettysburg: An Animated Map,” is presented by the American Battlefield Trust. The Gettysburg Heritage Center museum is the perfect place to begin your tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield!

Located in the lobby of the Gettysburg Heritage Center is one of Gettysburg’s largest and finest gift shops! Specializing in Civil War books, apparel, replica weapons, home décor, souvenirs, games & toys, collectibles and much more!  Offering a wide selection, and distinctive gifts!

Paranormal Author Presentation (Homestead Orphanage) - A paranormal author speaks to the group inside the orphanage and will conduct a mini paranormal investigation.  The National Homestead of Gettysburg was an orphanage and widows’ home, it was opened in October 1866 on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Seton Shrine (Back from Dead Cemetery Walk) - A guide leads us through the dark by candlelight as Saints & Martyrs come to life (Actors portrayl) and reflect upon their life.  On the cemetery walk, you meet a cast of extraordinary saints & ordinary sinners who reflect upon the “last things”.  Death, judgment, heaven and hell.

Hollabuagh Brothers Fruit Farm & Market - Bee Room presentation, apple dumpling demonstration, apple cider & apple cider donut samples. 

Take a much more in-depth look at what it means to be a fruit grower in the 21st century. Starting in our bee room, our adult tour participants get a close look at how the agriculture industry has changed over the years. It’s also good to review most of the basics - we’ve found that many adults don’t know how bees communicate with each other! See our working beehives up close and learn how we use different species of bees on our farm to do different kinds of pollination. Tour-goers will also learn about how we use Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management (IPPM) on our farm to grow safe and healthy fruits and vegetables without harming the environment around us.

Cider and apple cider donuts are yours too. Shopping in our market is welcome and further exploration in our educational bee room is encouraged!

Seminary Ridge Museum - Seminary Ridge Museum, Gettysburg, is located on Seminary Ridge along the National Park Service's auto tour route. Three floors of exhibits connect individuals and groups to the dilemmas which led to the Civil War, provide a powerful and personal view of the battle's first day, and shows the work of one of the battlefield's largest field hospitals.

Farnsworth House Mourning Theater (Tour of the Cellar) - This house is name in honor of Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth, he lead the ill-fated charge after the failure of Pickett’s charge, claiming Farnsworth and 65 of his men.  The original part of the house was built in 1810.  The house sheltered Confederate Sharpshooters during the three-day conflict, one of these sharp shooters accidents shot and killed Mary Virginia (Jennie) Wade.  The only civilian who died during this battle.

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